Medical Tax Form 1095-C


Dated:February 1, 2022

Under the Affordable Care Act, US law requires that we be sufficiently insured during the year. Form 1095-C Medical Tax is required to compete and file your 2021 taxes, as it proves that you had medical insurance provided by your employer.

You will receive Form 1095-C if, for at least one day in the last calendar year, you were one of the following:

  • A full-time employee of an employer with more than 50 full-time employees
  • A part-time employee who was affiliated with medical coverage
  • A person covered by COBRA
  • A retiree or a dependent of a retiree under age 65 who was affiliated with medical coverage

These forms have already started arriving at our home address, via US mail, separately from other tax forms. As a reminder, if you would like to receive this form electronically, you can do so by visiting Flying Together>Employee Services>Benefits>Medical Tax Form 1095C.

For more information, please contact your Home Supervisor. No more news

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