Over 100 Pakistani MPs pay no income tax: report


New Delhi: More than 100 Pakistani members of parliament do not pay income tax or are not registered with the Federal Revenue Office of Pakistan (FBR), The News reported.

No less than 161 of Pakistan’s 1,170 MPs have not paid income tax and have not filed any income tax returns. These deputies break tax laws while collectively owning assets worth Rs 35 billion. Official documents show that some are not even registered with the tax authorities.

Official documents examined by Geo News revealed that more than 103 deputies have collective assets of Rs 8 billion but are not active taxpayers. A few dozen are not even registered with the RBF as taxpayers.

No less than 76 of these 103 deputies represent the main political parties; two are cabinet ministers of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Official records show that these deputies are on the “list of inactive taxpayers”. Four MPs, who are not active taxpayers, have purchased properties collectively worth millions of dollars in Dubai, Norway and London over the past decade. About a dozen of them had registered businesses, namely construction companies, gas pumps, etc. in the country, according to the report.

The tax directory of parliamentarians for the 2018 financial year did not contain a tax file of approximately 323 of the 1,170 deputies in total. According to the FBR directory, up to 847 MPs collectively paid around 1.6 billion rupees in taxes for the year 2018-19. The directory contains tax credentials for 1,008 MPs in total, while tax columns for 161 MPs were left blank and some names were missing from this important official document, according to the report.


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